Thursday, September 08, 2005

Criminal Negligence?


Everyone saw the pictures of the hungry and parched citizens of New Orleans on the overpasses and around the Convention Center and Superdome - not to mention the rest of the city? Why couldn't they get them water? Why couldn't they get them food? Reporters had no trouble...? It was very distressing to watch.

You have got to see this.

Major Garrett of Fox News has learned from effectively the President of the Red Cross, that the Red Cross had pre-positioned food, water and hygiene kits outside New Orleans and had them ready to go as soon as the storm cleared (probably before the levees broke, but I've no confirmation of that yet).

Um. So why no aid delivered to the suffering Citizens of New Orleans?

Apparently, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco's Department of Homeland Security forbid the Red Cross from delivering these relief supplies.

They have a "reason" though: We were trying to evacuate, we wanted people to leave... ???

As far as I know, the Red Cross is still blocked from helping the Citizens of New Orleans by the City's own State Government.

Update: Here


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