Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Washington Post Lies

The Washington Post's unbelievable, blatant lying:

"Wilson's central assertion -- disputing President Bush's 2003 State of the Union claim that Iraq was seeking nuclear material in Niger -- has been validated by postwar weapons inspections."

Can nothing be done about this? This is criminal. The Senate Select Intelligence Committee had found that Wilson's credibility was basically zero and that in fact the opposite of reality. I don't understand how a newspaper can print the opposite of the truth (well, okay, I know, but it still just makes me want to scream).

Monday, October 24, 2005

Must Read

Be sure to check out this amazing opinion piece in the NY Sun.

They tlak about the autophagy of the New York Times.

Autophagy is a great word. It is defined as: The process of self-digestion by a cell through the action of enzymes originating within the same cell.

Can this be real?

If there is any truth to this, can anything be done about it?

We all already know about Roe v Wade, right?


Monday, October 17, 2005

Can't Get No Respect

I just heard Mara Liasson (of NPR) on Fox News say that this miraclulous Constitution that Iraq just voted on represented 'inching forward'.

Unbelievable. No wonder they don't win elections anymore.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

More Proof that the Media is not on Our Side

I cannot describe how disgusted I am (once again) with the 'mainstream media (msm)'.

The President sets up a question/answer session with some soldiers in Iraq requiring a bit of logistical coordination. Well, apparently the AP believes the coordination necessary in every live video hookup between the POTUS and a group of soldiers who - up until a few minutes prior - have been fighting for the Freedom of Iraq amounts to a 'staging'.

Well, Sgt Ron Long of the 278th RCT in Iraq was one of the Soldiers actually present for the teleconference. Read his report and decide the truth for yourself.

Friday, October 14, 2005

No more Missile Shield?

If this is true, this is bad...

"I Hate my Boss", by A. M. al-Zarqawi

I love the guys over at Iowahawk.

They can always be counted on to get it funny.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Get ready for H5N1

Beginning in East Asia, the deadly H5N1 virus has moved from China and Russia into Turkey and probably Romania. Next stop Europe proper.

A pandemic is almost certainly coming. If not this virus, this season, it will be next virus, next season.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mark Levin vs. Hugh Hewitt on Miers

This is about as good as it gets. The most intelligent defender of the Miers nomination going mano a mano with her most intelligent detractor.

Mark Levin: "Where do I have to go to find her judicial philosophy? To a Chinese restaurant and crack open a fortune cookie?"

You gotta love that!

Read the whole thing. Its well worth it.

The News in Iraq Just Keeps Getting Better

This will be really hard on the Left, but it appears that the Sunnis have joined the political process to do more than try to defeat the Constitution.

A large faction of Sunnis have reached an agreement whereby they are now pushing for the passage of the Constitution!

Arab League trying to meet with Saddam?

For anyone interested in knowing what's going on on the ground in Iraq along with a local perspective, you need to check out Iraq the Model.

The most recent post discussing the Arab League gives you a sense of how the Arab States of the region are viewed: With distrust and anger.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Soldiers or Fish? I choose Soldiers

I love cool military tech. Here's some neat anti-torpedo technology.

Ginsburg v Miers

Here's an interesting perspective I heard this morning:

The Senate confirmed ultra left wing Ruth Bader Ginsburg 92-0. That means every GOPer who voted, voted yes for this radical ACLU lawyer.

So, based on that, how can Miers not get 100% GOP support? (I think she may in the end, anyway)

The Senate thought BJ Clinton's Ginsburg was okay for a 100% vote, but not GW Bush's pick high court (particularly his own party)?

I find this to be an interesting argument that is not easily dismissed (although I'm sure it already has been by Miers' detractors - I just haven't read about it yet).

As of today, I still don't support the Miers nomination, but I also think that the President is due deference to pick who he will and have them go before the Senate before being ripped apart.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Trust Me?

Why did we elect George Bush? One main reason: He supports Justices like Thomas and Scalia.

So, first he picks Roberts, who was suprising, but 'hopefully' fine. Now he picks Harriet Miers. Who? One thing I don't want to be accused of is being an elitest. I don't think that a Justice must necessarily come from the realm of the court (afaik, Rhenquist was not a judge prior to his being on the Supreme Court). Nor does a Justice have to go to a certain school (like Harvard Law).

However, when you campaign on Thomas and Scalia and then nominate someone who no one knows and say, 'Trust me'... That doesn't cut it! Trust me, Anthony Kennedy. Trust me John Paul Stevens. Trust me David Souter. Trust me nothing. 3 current Justices who were foisted upon an unsuspecting conservative base. Trust me? Right.

Even though Miers 'might' turn out 'okay', why would President Bush slap his base in the face this way? Its depressing and infuriating to find out yet again that its the heart of soul of the conservative movement that gets ignored and treated like children. Trust me. No thanks. I trust my eyes. Maybe you could show me why I should trust you, but of course you can't. There's nothing to show. Trust me.

I think the Republican party is in trouble. There is alot of anger out there. Hugh Hewitt is one of the few voices trying to hold back the tide of conservative anger and rage at Bush, but I'm not even sure that's a good idea. Maybe its time for a knockdown fight for the party. Kick out all the Rinos if they don't want to be team players and get new candidates that act like Conservatives rather than moderate Democrats.

Regardless of how Miers turns out, I feel betrayed by my President and that's a very ugly feeling.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers nomination

I've been thinking about this all day.

I am a fan of Mark Levin. He is not happy about this nomination.

I am also, a fan of Hugh Hewitt. He is optimistic.

This is a tough one. Hugh makes a very compelling argument. I want to believe that Hugh is right. This is such an important issue. Its the second most important issue in the country after 'homeland security'. I that I can't know with more certainty whether or not soon-to-be associate justice Harriet Miers will be faithful to the Constitution.

Beyond that, I was really spoiling for a fight with the left. Maybe Ginsburg will retire soon (wishful thinking) and Bush could nominiate Newt (although he's clearly looking at 08).

New Delay indictment?

I have read this twice now and can't seem to find Tom DeLay's name anywhere except to accuse him of money laundering. There are lots of other names of people doing things that are likely legal anyway - you know those loopholes... and of course, 'everyone does it'.

So, this appears to be yet another Ronnie Earle special. Cooked up charges, from a politically vengeful prosecutor who happened to have a movie crew following him for the last two years while they record his 'crusade' against the evil Tom DeLay.