Monday, October 10, 2005

Ginsburg v Miers

Here's an interesting perspective I heard this morning:

The Senate confirmed ultra left wing Ruth Bader Ginsburg 92-0. That means every GOPer who voted, voted yes for this radical ACLU lawyer.

So, based on that, how can Miers not get 100% GOP support? (I think she may in the end, anyway)

The Senate thought BJ Clinton's Ginsburg was okay for a 100% vote, but not GW Bush's pick high court (particularly his own party)?

I find this to be an interesting argument that is not easily dismissed (although I'm sure it already has been by Miers' detractors - I just haven't read about it yet).

As of today, I still don't support the Miers nomination, but I also think that the President is due deference to pick who he will and have them go before the Senate before being ripped apart.

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