Friday, October 27, 2006

Powerline has a terrific take on Michael Steele's new ad.

This is seriously hard hitting. I love it.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Its Spreading

Looks like Great Britain is heading down the same road as France.

"...the friction between communities risked becoming "the trigger for the grim spiral that produced riots in the north of England five years ago. Only this time the conflict could be much worse"".

112 Cars 'torched' every night in France

The French intifada is getting worse.

"The figures are stark. An average of 112 cars a day have been torched across France so far this year and there have been 15 attacks a day on police and emergency services. Nearly 3,000 police officers have been injured in clashes this year. Officers have been badly injured in four ambushes in the Paris outskirts since September. Some police talk of open war with youths who are bent on more than vandalism."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Call me Pollyanna

Trying not to be late to the game with my own irrelevant predictions on the upcoming elecion, so here goes:

GOP loses neither the House nor the Senate. Democrats scream that the elections were stolen (again). Media cluelessly start asking what the Democrats are going to have to do to win in 2008.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweeping the Legislature Aside in Missouri

Missouri's Supreme Court today upheld a lower courts ruling that the "Voter ID" initiative approved by both the legislative and executive branches was unconstitutional by creating a burden on voters (Ruling).

I thought (like others) that it would be interesting to look at the makeup of the court and who was governor when they were appointed:

Chief Justice Michael Wolff appointed 1998 by Mel Carnahan (D)
Justice Laura Stith appointed 2001 by Bob Holden (D)
Justice Richard Teitelman appointed 2002 by Bob Holden (D)
Justice Mary Russel appointed 2004 by Bob Holden (D)
Justice Ronnie White appointed 1995 by Mel Carnahan (D)
Justice Stephen Limbaugh, Jr. appointed 1992 by John Ashcroft (R)
Justice William Price Jr appointed 1992 by John Ashcroft but sat out of this case (haven't tracked down why yet) in favor of former Justice Charles Blackmar who was appointed by Christopher Bond (R) in 1982.

This was a 6-1 decision. The only dissenter was Stephen Limbaugh, Jr. (appointed by John Ashcroft (R)). So, every Democratic appointee along with a retired Republican appointee decided that IDs are bad for Democracy.

Only Ashcroft's appointee (Limbaugh, Jr.) has any sense.

And they say elections don't matter.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Raj Peter Bhakta

Crossing the border on an elephant while a mariachi band plays. You gotta love it!

I saw this guy on Fox (I believe), but here's another interview of him from msnbc. Please ignore Rita's failing voice... I feel sorry for her.

I want to learn more about this guy. I've not heard of him before and I love this stunt.

Update: Here's his website and here's the link to his interviews.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harry Reid's illegal 'scheme'?

Harry Reid Hangs Up on AP Reporter

Assuming I have what facts we know straight, and as a Real Estate Broker here in Arizona, it seems to me that transferring this land out of his personal name would be a vital step in securing the zoning change. Fighting the local rezoning boards would seem pretty inappropriate for a Senate minority 'leader'.

By transferring this land to a 'holding company', he created the environment whereby he could secure the rezone and thus reap the profits without anyone the wiser.

Until the AP showed up that is.

That type of manipulation would be unethical (leading to hearings and possibly severe sanctions) for any licensed real estate agent (not just brokers) in Arizona. Are we held to a higher standard than Senators?

It also seems to me that this could easily be considered an illegal 'scheme' or even a 'conspiracy' by today's standards.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Are you kidding me?

Thanks to MEMRI via LGF for this.

"Munir ‘Arab: She was possessed by a jinn. The jinn used to send out small notes from inside her, on which it was written: “This girl will never marry.” “This girl is destined to do abominable things.” It wrote repulsive things, God forbid."

I don't even know where to start...