Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harry Reid's illegal 'scheme'?

Harry Reid Hangs Up on AP Reporter

Assuming I have what facts we know straight, and as a Real Estate Broker here in Arizona, it seems to me that transferring this land out of his personal name would be a vital step in securing the zoning change. Fighting the local rezoning boards would seem pretty inappropriate for a Senate minority 'leader'.

By transferring this land to a 'holding company', he created the environment whereby he could secure the rezone and thus reap the profits without anyone the wiser.

Until the AP showed up that is.

That type of manipulation would be unethical (leading to hearings and possibly severe sanctions) for any licensed real estate agent (not just brokers) in Arizona. Are we held to a higher standard than Senators?

It also seems to me that this could easily be considered an illegal 'scheme' or even a 'conspiracy' by today's standards.

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