Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Trust Me?

Why did we elect George Bush? One main reason: He supports Justices like Thomas and Scalia.

So, first he picks Roberts, who was suprising, but 'hopefully' fine. Now he picks Harriet Miers. Who? One thing I don't want to be accused of is being an elitest. I don't think that a Justice must necessarily come from the realm of the court (afaik, Rhenquist was not a judge prior to his being on the Supreme Court). Nor does a Justice have to go to a certain school (like Harvard Law).

However, when you campaign on Thomas and Scalia and then nominate someone who no one knows and say, 'Trust me'... That doesn't cut it! Trust me, Anthony Kennedy. Trust me John Paul Stevens. Trust me David Souter. Trust me nothing. 3 current Justices who were foisted upon an unsuspecting conservative base. Trust me? Right.

Even though Miers 'might' turn out 'okay', why would President Bush slap his base in the face this way? Its depressing and infuriating to find out yet again that its the heart of soul of the conservative movement that gets ignored and treated like children. Trust me. No thanks. I trust my eyes. Maybe you could show me why I should trust you, but of course you can't. There's nothing to show. Trust me.

I think the Republican party is in trouble. There is alot of anger out there. Hugh Hewitt is one of the few voices trying to hold back the tide of conservative anger and rage at Bush, but I'm not even sure that's a good idea. Maybe its time for a knockdown fight for the party. Kick out all the Rinos if they don't want to be team players and get new candidates that act like Conservatives rather than moderate Democrats.

Regardless of how Miers turns out, I feel betrayed by my President and that's a very ugly feeling.

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